Euclid mayor and school superintendent share initiatives with the community

Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail at Euclid Chamber of Commerce Community Leaders Breakfast 2017On Oct. 17, a full house of Euclid-area residents and businesspeople gathered in the meeting room of the Euclid Public Library for the Euclid Chamber of Commerce’s Community Leaders Breakfast. First, Kacie Armstrong, library director, said a few words about the purpose of the library in the community. Next, Sheila Gibbons, Euclid Chamber of Commerce executive director, announced upcoming chamber events and introduced a representative from the breakfast’s sponsor, Allstate Insurance Agent Bill Mason.

The first guest speaker was Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail. She addressed three areas of focus for the city: economic development, safety and building a vibrant community. Some recent and future projects in the city that bring in new investment and tax dollars for the city include 1,000 new jobs being created with the demolition of Euclid Square Mall and new construction of an Amazon distribution center, the creation of a technology center at Lincoln Electric and surrounding streetscape at E. 222nd St. and St. Clair Ave., a 25,000-square-foot expansion at Keene Building Products, a 40,000-square-foot expansion at American Punch Co., an expansion of Rick Case Honda, a groundbreaking for an O’Reilly auto parts store, and planned expansions to Irie Jamaican Kitchen and Mama Catena.

The second initiative, safety, includes promotions, new hires, training and community-education opportunities for the fire and police departments. Finally, building a vibrant community encompasses community cleanup, recycling, beautification and improvement grants. On Nov. 2, the city will unveil its master plan draft to the Planning & Zoning Department.

The second community leader to speak was Euclid City Schools’ Superintendent Charlie Smialek. He introduced a number of school employees in attendance as well as three Euclid High School Euclid City Schools Superintendent Charlie Smialek at Euclid Chamber of Commerce Community Leaders Breakfast 2017students. Then, he went through a presentation on the district’s vision that included a new Fab Lab to be built as part of the Early Learning Center to introduce science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) instruction in grade school. It will be one of only two early learning Fab Labs in the nation. He also discussed technology programming at the high school and an update on the campus construction project that is underway for scheduled completion in 2020.

Both speakers fielded questions from the audience and gave a plug to support Cuyahoga Community College’s November 2017 bond, Issue 61 to update aging buildings.

Zer nolako enpresariak da HGR? Q & A HGR en jasotzea Sailarekin

HGR Industrial Surplus Receiving Department

(Courtesy of Rick Hawkins, HGR’s receiving supervisor)

Zer egiten du zure sailaren?

The main objective of the Receiving Department is to safely and accurately receive and prepare our incoming merchandise for sale. Our goal is to achieve the main objective along with ensuring that we present our customers with the best possible first impression of our merchandise. Many processes take place in order to prepare our surplus for sale: unloading, weighing, sorting, expediting, displaying, and inventorying are processes that are completed prior to sale. We supply our showroom and sales associates with ready-to-sell merchandise on a daily basis.

Zenbat jende zure departamentuan lan, eta zer dira beren rolak?

The Receiving Department operates on two shifts to help accommodate the high volume of deliveries each day. There are four forklift operators per shift who unload and prepare everything for the inventory process. There are four inventory clerks, two expeditors, and the chief pricing officer. Receiving also works closely with the eBay Department, the Recycling Department and the logistics coordinators. Together, we work toward a common goal; each position and every responsibility plays a crucial role in the desired end result: happy customers, happy vendors, good sales, and prosperity for all.

Zer tituluak ez du arrakasta izan zure departamentuan behar duzu?

Those who possess self-motivation to achieve goals, those who pay attention to detail, and those who are highly organized will succeed in the Receiving Department.

Zer egin zure sailaren buruz gehien gustatzen zaizuna?

The fact that every single item in our nearly 600,000-square-foot showroom has been processed through the Receiving Department is a pretty amazing feat to consider. Every available item and every sales transaction is dependent on the efforts of those in our department. Knowing the contribution that our department makes to the whole of the company is gratifying.

Zer erronka ditu zure sailaren aurrean, eta nola izan horiek gainditzeko duzu?

I have been with the company since its earlier days. I have seen and been part of the evolution and can attest to the great accomplishments we have achieved over time. Any prosperous company must be willing to adapt and improve processes to accommodate growth. We constantly strive for improvement in efficiency and productivity. There was a time when a 10- truckload delivery schedule was nearly impossible. Now, a 10-truckload schedule is considered a light day. A lot of things have changed over the years. Improved organization, refined processes, better employee training, increased department size, additional docks, and effectively utilizing available space have greatly increased the capabilities of our department and our business, in general.

Zer aldaketa modu zure departamentuan du enpresa, azken urteetan gertatu dira?

As implied by one of our five company core values (personal dedication to continuous improvement in creating employee and company success), we are constantly evolving, adapting, and improving. During the past few years many changes have occurred: promoting company culture, major building renovations, the treat it like it’s yours initiative, several employee-recognition programs, and the implementation of safety regulations. All of these companywide changes and improvements have created a better work environment as well as added to the foundation of our business for future growth. The biggest recent change in the Receiving Department was the addition of second-shift receiving operations. This occurred about four years ago and was an attempt to alleviate employee congestion, extend receiving hours, and enhance production. The outcome has been increased production, less forklift traffic with a safer work environment, and more accommodating receiving hours.

Zer etengabeko hobekuntza prozesuak ez den etorkizunean ezartzeko izatea espero duzu?

I’m interested in streamlining some of our older processes and utilizing available technology to better improve efficiency. We have come a long way, but there will always be room for improvement.

What’s HGR’s overall environment like?

HGR not only sells machines, we are a machine, and a juggernaut of a machine at that! Everyone involved here knows that it takes a lot of effort and care to keep this machine operating with precision. In the industrial-surplus world, we are a massive entity. This is a fast-paced environment where things regularly change on a moment’s notice. Our showroom is an ever-changing expanse of new arrivals and older equipment that has been further reduced in price. HGR is a place where you can find customers enthusiastically combing our isles to take advantage of our unbelievable deals and a place where the staff is well-versed in accomplishing goals and providing in excellent customer service.

Zein da zure ikuspegitik fabrikazio, superabita, inbertsioa berreskuratzeko / produktuaren bizi-ziklo / ekipamendu birziklatze?

As long as there are consumers with demands for products, there will be machines, manufacturers and competition to supply those demands. As long as there is competition among manufacturers, there will be more advanced, more precise, faster machines being developed. The manufacturers themselves become consumers in a competitive market. The need for evolution in manufacturing and machinery engineering will keep the need for new and used equipment revolving. There will always be a market for used equipment as new, and expanding businesses seek to compete, improve, and evolve within their means.

HGR Bularreko Minbiziaren Sentsibilizazio Hilabetea onartzen du

think pink breast cancer awareness logo

Here at HGR Industrial Surplus, we think pink, even when we’re driving forklifts! In order to increase awareness of breast cancer and honor those who have had or are currently fighting breast cancer. During October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our employees are wearing pink bracelets, and our forklift operators are placing pink bows on their forklifts. We’ll also be “going pink” and wearing our pink at the end of the month, as well as reminding our family and friends to make their mammogram appointments.

pink bows on HGR forklifts for Breast Cancer Awareness MonthHGR Industrial Surplus administrative staff support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Gramatika aholkuak: Who vs. Who

HGR Industrial Surplus Grammar Tips: Who vs. Whom

Nope. Whom’st and whomst’d aren’t really words, but they are a good way to get a chuckle. Often, people think “whom” is a snooty, pretentious word that is some academic form of “who.” Well, it’s not; it’s actually a necessary word and used differently than “who.”

You can impress your colleagues when you use them correctly! Here’s how:

  • Use “who” to refer to the subject of the sentence.
  • Use “whom” to refer to the object of a verb or preposition.

See, there we go again, we need to know our parts of speech and how they function in the sentence in order to select the correct word. If you’re old enough, you might remember when they taught grammar in second grade and we had to diagram sentences (shudder).

sentence diagram

And, here’s a little cheat sheet! If you can substitute he/she for the word, use “who.” If you can substitute him/her for the word, use “whom.”

Adibidea 1

  • Who or whom wrote the novel?
  • He/she wrote the novel, not him/her wrote the novel.
  • Correct answer: Who wrote the novel?

Adibidea 2

  • Who/whom should I go with?
  • Should I go with him, not should I go with he?
  • Correct answer: Whom should I go with?

Adibidea 3

  • We wondered who/whom she was talking about.
  • She was talking about him, not she was talking about he.
  • Correct answer: Whom was she talking about?

Sartu HGRren urrian 2017 "asmatzen zer da" Facebook lehiaketa

October HGR guess what it is Facebook contest

Gure Facebook Head ekipo edo makineriaren pieza zer irudian asmatzen. Parte hartzeko honako hiru irizpide bete behar duzu: Gure Facebook bezalako, post partekatzeko, eta zure etxebizitza gehitzeko iruzkinak atalean. bezala asmatzen eta irizpide horiek betetzen dutenek ausazko marrazki bat sartuko da free HGR kamiseta bat edo beste cool elementuak jasotzeko.

Klikhemen to enter your guess on our Facebook page by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017. A winner will be drawn and announced the following week.

HGR 2017 azken cookout-a

cookout hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill

Every Wednesday, HGR offers its customers free lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. In the summer, it’s a cookout. This year we did it differently. Instead of hot dogs and hamburgers, we had grilled Italian sausage with grilled onions and peppers and hamburgers with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and chips. We even have relish, mustard, ketchup and mayo. If you love the cookout, get it while it’s hot. If you’ve never tried it, this week, Oct. 11, is your last chance until next year when the weather breaks. On Oct. 18, we switch to pizza during the colder months.

people taking pizza from a box

Zer joera Ohio ipar-ekialdeko fabrikatzaileek espero hurrengo urtean ikusteko?

MAGNET State of Manufacturing 2017 held at HGR Industrial Surplus

(Courtesy of Guest Blogger Liz Fox, senior marketing associate, MAGNET: Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network)

Will the manufacturing industry keep growing at a healthy pace in 2018? How will government regulations and new legislation affect the industry? How will Northeast Ohio manufacturers take advantage of opportunities and face challenges in the new year? 

Find out at MAGNET’s 2017 State of Manufacturing event on Nov. 10!

Held at HGR Industrial Surplus in Euclid, this event will highlight successes in local manufacturing and address the sector’s fiscal and technological future. Following a networking breakfast, the morning will be full of insights on valuable manufacturing topics, including OSHA regulations, Industry 5.0, capital equipment, and more.

Following the event, HGR representatives will offer tours of their 500,000-square-foot showroom and newly renovated offices filled with furniture made by their customers, some of the area’s premier furniture designers.

Stay ahead of the competition by joining us at the third-annual State of Manufacturing event, and uncover economic trends that will affect your business in 2018.

Details and registration here:

For more information, contact MAGNET’s Linda Barita at 216.391.7766 or shoot us an email. Alternatively, keep up with the latest MAGNET news by following us on Twitter.


Autoa eta audioak asteburu honetan erakusten dute HGR Industrial Surplus-en


subwoofer Resilient Sounds


blue mustang for HGR car and audio show

Stop by HGRXCHARXs back parking lot on Sunday, Oct. 8 from 12-5 p.m. to find out. There will be about 100 classic, muscle and sports cars on the property for Resilient SoundXCHARXs community car and audio show. This showXCHARXs for anyone interested in car audio. You can bring your vehicle and turn up your sound system and play it freely. There will be prizes for Best of Show and sound. There will be food trucks available.

For more information, contact Robbie at Resilient Sounds: 440-725-2458 or

Euclid Merkataritza Ganberako kafe-konexioak HGR Industrial Surplus-en ospatu zen

Euclid Chamber of Commerce Coffee Connections HGR Industrial Surplus

Euclid Chamber of Commerce Coffee Connection HGR Industrial Surplus coffee and pastryOn Oct. 3, approximately 25 members of The Euclid Chamber of Commerce and the business community visited HGR Industrial Surplus for an hour to mingle, network, take a tour of the facility and learn more about HGR while enjoying coffee and pastry catered by Manhattan Deli. Attendees included the City of Euclid police chief, City of Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer-Gail, radio celebrity Mark XCHARXMunchXCHARX Bishop, the executive director of Shore Cultural Center, and many others.

On their tour, they learned of HGR’s enkante of one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture by 44 Steel and Rust, Dust & Other 4 Letter Words to benefit hurricane relief.


hurrican relief auction furniture HGR Industrial Surplus 44 Steel Rust, Dust & Other 4 Letter Words

Zein motatako enpresaburua HGR da? Buyer Spotlight with Doug Francis

HGR Buyer Doug Francis

Noiz HGR eta zergatik ekin hasten zara?

Feb. 28, 2011. At the time it sounded like a challenging position where I could use my education and sales experience to meet with large manufacturing firms to purchase their surplus equipment. Six years later, it’s still challenging, and I enjoy the people I work with tremendously. I plan on being with HGR for the duration.

Zein da zure lurraldea, eta zer egiten duzue bat egunero?

I cover most of Wisconsin and Cook, Boon, McHenry, and Lake Counties in Illinois. I contact customers to arrange times to look at their surplus equipment, follow up on offers and buy deals!

What do you like most about your job? 

Best part about this job is that it’s different every day. The process of setting up meetings, getting out offers and buying deals is consistent, but there’s never the same deal twice. Keeps me sharp.

Zein da zure erronka handiena?

My greatest challenge is the ongoing and always-changing needs of our customers.

Zein da zure HGR une interesgarrienak?

Most of the buyers’ meetings have interesting moments. Too many interesting moments to pick the most interesting. It’s a good deal to get together with coworkers/friends and be around the other buyers who are experiencing the same day-to-day activities.

Zer ez duzunean lan egiten zaizu?

I enjoy being outside and most water-related activities with friends and family. Wisconsin has outdoor activities for every season; so, I’m thankful for where I live.

Nor da zure heroi edo handienak eragin / inspirazio, eta zergatik?

I’m not a hero worshipper. I’m influenced by successful people every day and try to emulate things that make them successful. My inspiration is self-improvement; there’s always room to get better with everything.

Anything you’d like to add?

I’m glad I work with such a good group of lads in the Buy Department. Every time we meet in Cleveland, I’m reminded what a great team of people work for HGR with the same goals as my own.

Hurricane-victim relief auction goes LIVE

44 Altzairu mahaia
Jason Radcliffe 44 Steel-en tailerra
Errautsa eta beste 4 letraren mahai-lanpara
Lanpara Larry-k Arma, hautsa eta beste 4 letren hitzak
3 Barn Doors table for HGR Industrial Surplus hurricane-relief auction
Table by Aaron Cunningham of 3 Barn Doors


You can own a one-of-a-kind piece of handcrafted furniture by one of Cleveland’s premier contemporary-furniture designers AND help hurricane victims at the same time.

You can reach the auction from a button on our home page at or go directly to the landing page hemen to read about the arts organization that will benefit from the auctions. To learn more about 44 Steel’s desk, click hemen. For info about Rust, Dust & Other 4 Letter Words’ lamp table, click hemen. For info about 3 Barn Doors, click hemen.

Help hurricane victims recover, and gain a conversation piece for your home or office.

HGR babesleak NKPHTS 2017 Convention luncheon

HGR sponsorship of Nickel Plate Road HIstorical Society luncheon at English Oak Room Tower City

From Sept. 28-30, Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society held its annual convention, which included presentations and tours, in Cleveland, Ohio, for the first time since 1996 at Holiday Inn Cleveland – South Independence.

lobby of English Oak Room Tower CityOn Sept. 29, it held its luncheon, sponsored by HGR Industrial Surplus, at the opulent English Oak Room located in the former Cleveland Union Terminal, now known as Tower City Center. The room is so named because the developers of the rapid transit line and the Public Square station, the Van Sweringen Brothers, imported oak paneling made from the trees in England’s Sherwood Forest. Forest City, the Tower’s current owner, preserved the room by repairing the overhead roads that were leaking down into Cleveland Union Terminal.

Chuck Klein Nickel Plate Road HIstorical Society English Oak Room Tower CityChuck Klein, 2017 NKPHTS National Convention chairman, gave an interesting presentation, “Chicago World’s Fair to Cleveland Public Square,” about the history of downtown Cleveland seen through the lens of the railroads. He showed photos of downtown before, during and after development as the construction took place from 1927-1930. One amazing statistic is that 2.4 million cubic yards of material were removed for the excavation.

HGR Industrial Surplus is a member of NKPHTS and supports the organization due to its facility in Euclid, Ohio, being on the former Nickel Plate Road and housed inside “Nickel Plate Station.”

Nickel Plate Road Historical Society luncheon at English Oak Room Tower City

Ustekabeko erliebean enkantean tokiko diseinatzaileen altzari mota bakarra

These Cleveland-area industrial/contemporary furniture designers (Jason Radcliffe, 44 Steel; Larry Fielder, Rust, Dust & Other 4 Letter Words; and Aaron Cunningham of 3 Barn Doors) visited HGR Industrial Surplus to find inspiration for a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture to be built live during Ingenuity Fest, Sept. 22-24, 2017.

Piezak ikusgai daude HGR Industrial Surplus-en, 20001 Euclid Ave.-k eta HGR-k enkargatuko ditu Houston-eko arloko artisautza-erakunde bati laguntzera joateko, Hurricane Harvey-en ondorengo programazioa birsortu eta eskaini ahal izateko.

Irudi batek 1,000 hitzak esaten dio. Hemen daude "aurretik" eta "ondoren" argazkiak HGRren inbentarioan hautatutako elementuak eta diseinatzaileei emanak. "Ondoren" irudiak HGRen bulegoko bukatutako piezak erakusten dituzte eta diseinatzaileek soberakin industrialak hartu eta etxerako edo bulegoko erabilera funtzionalerako objektu funtzionala birproduzitu dute.


44 Altzairuzko astigarrak
44 Altzairua: Maple-topped workbench
44 altzairuzko posizionagailua
44 Steel: bi posizionatzaile
Erretxina hautsa eta beste 4-Letter Words aldizkariaren dispenser
Oxidoa, hautsa eta beste 4 letra-hitzak: aldizkariaren ordezkoa
Erretxina hautsa eta beste 4-gutun hitzak nahastailea
Oxidoa, hautsa eta beste 4 letra-hitzak: nahastailea
Zakarrontzia eta beste 4-Gutunaren giltzak
Oxidoa, hautsa eta beste 4 letra-hitzak: giltza
Foot Shear purchased by Three Barn Doors for use in HGR Industrial Surplus hurricane relief auction
Hiru Barn ateak: oin-zizaila


44 Altzairu mahaia
Jason Radcliffe 44 Steel-en tailerra


Errautsa eta beste 4 letraren mahai-lanpara
Lanpara Larry-k Arma, hautsa eta beste 4 letren hitzak
3 Barn Doors table for HGR Industrial Surplus hurricane-relief auction
Table by Aaron Cunningham of 3 Barn Doors

Ezagutu itzazu diseinatzaileak:

Jason Radcliffe 44 Steel-en
Jason Radcliffe 44 Steel-en
Larry Fielder of Rus, Dust & Beste 4 Letra hitzak
Larry Fielder of Rus, Dust & Beste 4 Letra hitzak
Aaron Cunningham of 3 Barn Doors
Aaron Cunningham of 3 Barn Doors

If you are interested in bidding on any of these pieces, from Oct. 4-13, 2017, you can click a button from our home page to see more information on each item and designer then place your bid. Winning bidders will be required to pick up the item from HGR or pay actual shipping cost.


HGR-k IngenuityFest 2017 eta urakanen erliebearen ahaleginak onartzen ditu

Tximeleta bizi Butterfly Dome-n, IngenuityFest 2017-n

(Guest Blogger Dale Kiefer, freelance kazetariaren eskaintza)

HGR 13 erakusleen babeslea izan zenth-Natural IngenuityFest Sept. 22-24 asteburuan ospatutakoa. Hamilton Collaborative-n bigarren ekitaldian gertatu zen ekitaldia. Osborn Industrial Complex bezala ezagutzen den gune hau Cleveland-eko St. Clair-Superior auzoan dago. IngenuityFestek asteburu luzeko ospakizuna da, artista eta ekintzaileentzako foro bat eskaintzea, beren sorkuntzak eta haien berrikuntzak publikoarekin partekatzeko, komunitatearen zentzua sustatuz.

Tximeleta erraldoiak IngenuityFest 2017-enAurtengo IngenuityFest gaiaren gaia "Metamorfosia" izan zen. Horrek irudikapen ikusgaiak izan ziren tximeleten erraldoiak, hainbat hedabidetako artistak sortutako tximeleta moduan, eta tximeleta izeneko erakundearen gozamenerako tximeletak ekarri zituzten. Esperientzia. Baina metamorfosiaren ideia hitzaren esanahi biologikotik haratago joan zen. Lekua bera eraldaketa horren sinboloa zen.

Osborn Industrial Complex-ek behin betiko instalazio industrialen fabrikatzailerik handiena hartu zuen, baina instalazioa 2004-en itxita zegoen, Osborn Fabrikazio Kopurua erosi ondoren. New Yorkcraft Woodshop, Inc., Skidmark Garage eta 3 Barn Doors bezalako negozio berriak orain dela gutxi mugitu dira eta gunea lankidetza-espazio bihurtu da, maizter berriak baliabideak eta ideiak partekatu ahal izateko.

Hori kontuan hartuta, HGR-k IngenuityFest-en laguntza behar du. HGR etxeak fabrika zentrala izan zuen eraikina izan zen, lehenengoan Bigarren Mundu Gerrako hegazkinen zatietan, eta, gero, General Motors autoen ekoizpenetarako. Kasu honetan, HGR, metamorfosiaren gidari bakarra, lagundu du beste batean.

HGR biziberritzeko eta komunitatearekiko konpromisoa are urrunago hedatzen da. Hilabete honetan lehenago, HGR-k F * SHO-k antolatutako ekitaldi bat antolatu zuen, tokiko diseinatzaile eta altzari arduradunek beren sorkuntzak aurkezteko. Erakusketan zehar, HGRk 44 Steelen Jason Radcliffe gertaera antolatzailea gonbidatu zuen, baita 3 Barn Doors eta Rust, Dust & Other 4 Letter Words enpresako ikaskide etxeei ere. HGR-ko soberakin industrialaren inbentarioaren elementuak hauteman zituzten. HGRk ondorengo elementu hauek eman zizkion eraikitzaileei, bakoitza altzari bakar bat egin ahal izan zezaten, eta bertan bizi izan ziren, IngenuityFest bertaratuei irekitako pantailetan. Sorkuntza horiek HGR-ren salmenten bulegoan bistaratuko dira eta 4 eta 13 urterako enkantean egongo dira, Houston-eko Arte Fundazio batean onura ateratzen dutenak, Urakanaren Harveyek eragindakoak.The Firebirds at IngenuityFest 2017

IngenuityFest-en beste erakarpenen artean bost etapa izan ziren, bakoitza hainbat artistekin, hala nola rock bandak eta bellydancers-i. Ikuskizunaren kanpoko atal bat Firebirds-ek, pizti metalikoek, zeinen inpultsuak ikertu zituzten ikertzaileek agertu baitzuten, malabaristak objektu flametak bata bestearen azpian jartzen zituzten bitartean (ikusleen segidako segurtasuna, noski). Hainbat artisau bitxiak saltzen dituzten saltzaile ugari zeuden, eta beste artista batzuek hainbat komunikabidetan erakutsi zituzten, eskultura metalikoen marrazkietatik.

IngenuityFest-en pantailarik bikainenetako bat Artist Nelson Morris-ek sortutako 1000 Faces Project proiektua da. Lan hori, bi urte egin zituenean, 1,000 aurpegia eman zuen hormigoian, bakoitza ipar-ekialdeko Ohio komunitatearen benetako kide baten itxura hartuta. Adin desberdinetako eta jatorriko pertsonak irudikatu ziren gure eskualdeko aniztasunaren balioa eta sakontasuna erakusteko.

1000 aurpegiak IngenuityFest 2017-n

Erosi altzari artisauei egindako eskaintza eta estekaren bidez hemen at

Tony Cochran marrazkilari sindikatua, Agnes sortzailea, gitarra elektriko pertsonalizatuak egiten ditu material berreskuratuetatik

Tony Cochran gitarraren gitarrista

Noiz arte interesa hasi zen duzu?

Nire artearen interesak matematika baino dibertigarriagoa zela pentsatu nuen egunean hasi nintzen. Ziurrenik itzuli zen eskolan. Oso ondo nengoen, laudorioak jarraitzen dituzu.

Non lan egin zenuen eta aurreko karreretan zer egin zenuen?

Batxilergoan eta unibertsitatean txikizkakoan lan egin nuen - biltegiak, kaiak kargatzen. Columbus College of Art & Design-en ondoren, lan bat lortu nuen kontzesionario batean auto gorputz denda batean. 15 urte igaro nintzenean, artelanak egin nituen ebakuntzako autoen laurdeneko panelen azpian. Solairuan pinturak egiten ditut lanerako etxetik atera nintzenean. Vickie, nire emaztea, galerekin eta artearen kolektoreekin lotua, eguneko lanean laneko terapeuta gisa. Nire artearen karrera jarraitzeko denbora guztian animatu ninduen. Nire lagun baten bat-bateko heriotza bizia laburra dela konturatzen zait, eta nire gorputza erdiestea auto gorputz-denda bota nuen. Estudio bat alokatu dugu zubi zahar batean, eta margotu nuen.

 Esadazu nola egiten dituzun komikien inguruari eta nola gertatu zen.

Nire komikia Agnes izeneko neska apur bat da. Nire marrazkilari marjinetako marmoletan agertu zen nire margolanari jarraiki. Ez nuen inoiz nire bizitza marrazki bizidun sindikatu gisa asmatu. Aurkitu ninduen. Agnesek bere amonaren etxerako trailer txiki batean planteatzen ari da. Bere lagunik onena Trout da. Estatu Batuetako egunkarietan argitaratzen du, mundu osoan, eta Webgunean. Bilatu "Agnes komikia". Ez duzu etsita!

 Idatzi egiten dituzun gitariei eta zergatik egin zenuen gitarra interesa.

Tony Cochran HarleycasterGitarrak motozikleta batean probatu nituen estilotik etorri ziren, baina gehiago esploratu nahi nuen eta motozikletak gela gehiegi hartzen hasi nintzen. Nire anaiak Buffalo-n zuen ordezko gitarra elektrikoa ekarri ninduen, eta harekin korritu nuen. Gitarra elektrikoek bero baraileko etika handia dute.

Nire gitarrek steampunk deitzen zaie, baina hori ez da nahiko zuzena. Zaharrak zaudela gustatzen zait. Nahastu nahi ditut. Haiei buruzko ipuinak gehitzeko eta haien bidaia historikoan laguntzeko. Ezohiko akaberak dituzte - gizmos bitxiak - eta gitarra erabat funtzionalak dira, izan behar dute! Arte funtzionala. Ez dut gitarra klasikorik aldatuko. Badago horietako batzuk, eta etorkizuneko belaunaldientzat kontserbatu beharko lirateke egoera onean gozatzeko.

Noiz eta zergatik hasi zen gitarra negozioa?

Gitarra negozioan hasi nintzen nire emazte ederra Vickieren diru-sarreren galera osatzeko, bularreko minbiziaren aurkako aurreikuspenen ondorioz. Saldutako gitarrak, webgunea sortzeko eta martxan jartzeko, laneko komunikabideetan lan egiteko eta argazkigintza zoragarri hau egitea ederki egin zuen, eta esker ona eta arrakastarekin batera, osasuntsua mastektomia eta kimioterapia berreskuratzen. Gauzak sortu eta eraikitzen ditut.

Non lortzen duzu zure gitarra jantzitako material eta egurra?

Nire paleta mekanikoa aurkitzen dut nonahi. Garage salmentak, salmentak, upategiak, sotoak. Vickie-k autoarengandik bidaltzerakoan argi eta garbi adierazi izan ninduen metal-zati bitxiak ateratzeko. Gauza moztu, berrantolatu, irabiatu hamarretara, soldadura, urtu, azidoa moztu. Materialak eskalatu behar dira gitara egokitzeko. Jendeak gauzak aurkitzen dit, bidal iezazkidazu elementuak. Arraroentzako ontzia naiz. Doako zerbait bota ezazu!

Nork erosten ditu zure gitarrak?

Zaletasunak eta erosleek talentu eta ikusizko desioak dituzte. Maite dute gitarrak, artea maite dute eta zerbait nahi dute jabea kanpoan. Nazioarteko artistak bildumagile, musikari, musika ekoizle, pop ko, nazioarteko merkatu bat daukat. Zer dibertigarria! Gure bezeroek gitarra eta artearen bildumazaleen gurutze zabala dute. Gitarraren irudiak erakargarri seduzitutako gitarrarenak, artearen estimuluen eta maitagarrien maitaleak. Gogoratzen dut anaia niretzat, Rick Springfield-k hiru erosi zituen eta CDan lau CD-ko birak erabiltzen ditu. Nire anaia esan zuen: "Beno, ez da benetan gitarrista". Sheesh.

 Zer gehiago egin duzu?

Beste Harley batean ari naiz lanean oraintxe bertan. Trike bihurtu nintzen eta basamortuan bertan aurkitu nuen itxura ikusi nuen, denbora eta elementuetatik baztertutako 60en ohitura pertsonalizatua.

 Zertan ari zara tiraka marrazten edo gitarra egiten ari zarenean?

Etxean mantentze lanak, garbitegia, belarra mozten, olio aldaketak, sukaldaritza, bisitariak, eguneroko bizitzako jarduera guztiak baino ez dira, irakurtzen eta hausten ari den guztia finkatuz? Ezer ez. Vickie eta biok elkarrekin izan ginen 16 urte zituela eta goi mailako goi mailako jaiak izan genituen eta elkarrekin egon gintezkeen denbora guztian zehar jarraituko dugu.

 Zein da zure filosofia pertsonala?

Nire filosofia pertsonala dena amaitu da. Hiltzen bazara, ondo amaitu duzu.

 Zer aholku dituzu beste artista / arduradunentzat?

Dibertigarria, baina egin dituzun azken gauza baino hobeto egin dezakezu.

 Zerbait aipatu nahi duzu galdu dut?

Obra berri guztiak osatuz hasi naiz, gitarrarekin ageri den artearen erakustaldiarekin. Hiru artelan daude: artearen erakusketa horman artea bailitzan eta gitarren gitarria, gitarra bera eta bi konbinazioa dituena. Ikuskizun bakar bat gordetzen dut eta jendeak "Haurtxoaren burua" ikusten du. Berehala saltzen zen gitarraren eta artearen bildumagile garrantzitsuena. Zure eyeballs kolpatuko dituzte argi eta garbi! Cleveland-en erakusteko gustatuko litzaidake. Upscale galeria? Taberna freskoa? Rock Hall? Begiratu nire lana helbidean eta jar zaitez nirekin harremanetan helbidera. Erakusketarako prest?

Tony Cochran Baby Head Guitar

Zein motatako enpresaburua HGR da? Jeff Cook-ekin duen eroslearen argia

HGR Industrial Surplus Buyer Jeff Cook, fiance

(Gonbidatuen Blogger Jeff Cook, HGR eroslearen eskaintza)

Noiz HGR eta zergatik ekin hasten zara?

Abuztuan HGRrekin hasi nintzen 2015. Zerbait berria eta erronka nahi nuen, baita Syracuse, New Yorkeko nire jaioterrira itzultzeko ere. Asmatu perfektua zirudien. Zalantzarik gabe.

Zein da zure lurraldea, eta zer egiten duzue bat egunero?

New York guztiak estaltzen ditut, baita Pennsylvania eta New Jersey-ren zati ere. Astelehenetan lan egiten dut nire bulegoan eta asteartetik ostiralera, egoera bidaiatzen dut leku osoan ekipamenduak bilatzeko.

Zer da zure lana buruz gehien gustatzen zaizuna?

Gauza berriak ikusteko egunero. Inoiz ez dakizu zer exekutatu behar duzun.

Zein da zure erronka handiena?

Gauza bakar batean zentratuz eta arreta ez eginez. Era berean, inoiz ez ditu bere gain hartzen gauzak.

Zein da zure HGR une interesgarrienak?

Nire une interesgarriena esan nahi dut HGR-n New York City / Long Islandera joan behar dut. Mundu ezberdina da.

Zer ez duzunean lan egiten zaizu?

Golfinga, behaketa / kirolak jantzita. Batez ere, Buffalo Bills, New York Yankees eta Syracuse Orange.

Nor da zure heroi edo handienak eragin / inspirazio, eta zergatik?

Nire aita. Beti izan da niretzat zer axola ez duen. Beti azpimarratu du unibertsitateko hezkuntza lortzea eta onena izan daitekeen garrantzia.

Guztiok jakin nahi duzun zerbait galdu dut?

Ezkonduko dut Oct. 7, 2017! Irudia nire senarra da, Mallory, eta ni.

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